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Gas - Natural and LPG


I have extensive experience in both Natural and LPG (bottle gas).  New installations, additional installations, or leaking pipes and fittings - no job is too difficult.

Natural Gas


If you don't have Natural Gas installed but it is available to you, I can organise the whole job.  Call me on 0412 402 336 for a free quote.

If you have gas already but would like an additional heating point, a BBQ point, a new cooktop or stove or a new Hot Water Sytem, call me for a free quote.

I have an electronic gas leak detector, so if you can smell gas when you shouldn't, I can attend to that quickly and pinpoint the leak.

I recommend that older houses with galvanised steel gas pipes be periodically pressure tested for leaks and weaknesses and these pipe eventually rust through and sometimes you won't smell anything so pressure testing can check for any problems before they become worrying.


I also service portable gas heaters which the manufacturers recommend be done annually.

L.P.G (bottle gas)


If you really want gas but it is not available to your home, LPG or bottle gas is your next best option.  It is ideal for cooking and heating and is easily installed in most cases.  Call me for a free site inspection and quote - 0412 402 336.

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